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Scott VanderVoort is a New York based artist who explores themes of beauty, impermanence and the ambiguous divide between art and the mundane. 

He works in both two and three dimensions across painting and sculpture with a partiality for site-specific work. VanderVoort's art engages viewers in an often playful dialogue about the process by which objects, materials and spaces acquire meaning. Works are deceptively simple, they reveal the hand of the artist and the ever-presence of nature - a core influence since his childhood. 

His first solo exhibition Arrangements in 2022 introduced a self-developed ‘alphabet’ for visual communication across a collection of painted surfaces and hand-carved stones. This fall, he also shares wood sculptures as part of his first European exhibition in Antwerp, Belgium, Liminal Space. VanderVoort maintains a thriving practice of private commissions, and will soon begin a residency program at ArtCake in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. 

VanderVoort received a B.A. in Industrial Design from New York City’s Pratt Institute in 1998, where he was an accomplished professor for over 20 years. His rigorous exploration of art-making represents a new chapter as well as an extension of his academic work and passion for enhancing the human experience.   

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