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Scott VanderVoort's recent investigations explore topics of perception, beauty and memory.  His work focuses on capturing and formalizing our connection to "balance" and how one might achieve this through the use of positive and negative spacial conditions and materiality.  In these areas he searches for visual responses that translate into a place in the mind, a place of senses, the feelings of timelessness with suggestions of familiarity to the unfamiliar.

His studies are built from an alphabet he has created to inform the final presentation of the paintings, collages, sculptures and found assemblages.  This language serves as his parameters for guiding his process, helping to avoid attention given to artistry or unnecessary layers of perceptions.  The invitation is given to acknowledge the complexity within his simplistic approach to the geometry, material handing and final positioning.

His work is inspired by a careful look at ancient and primitive communities and their approaches to communication and artifact making.  In particular, the influences from African and Polynesian art and architecture that express evidence of and themes around objects made to celebrate survival, shelter, landmarking, community, birth, death and gender.


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